Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
CMOM ( Capacity Management Operation Maintenance ) - Asset Mgn Software

Project Information

CMOM ( Capacity Management Operation Maintenance ) - Asset Mgn Software

Project Manager: Andy Clements

Assistant Project Manager: Roger Sparks

Current Project Status: Complete

Project Scope:
   CMOM is an acronym that stands Capacity, Management, Operations & Maintnenace for the sanitary sewer collection system. It is a new requirement being mandated in the City's NPDES Permit by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Building a program will involve the acquisition of system data including location details and condition information. This data will form the basis of a program designed to organize maintenance efforts, forecast capacity issues, and become pro-active in analyzing possible system deficiencies over time.  

Project Funding:
   2007 Sewer Bonds
   Water Protection Operating Fund

Project Funding Amount: $1,134,262.00

   We have purchased the software from Accela Inc. and services related to the implementation of New Permitting, Licensing, Inspection and Asset. 

Last Update: Wednesday November 29, 2017