Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Missouri River Levee Design/Construction

Project Information

Missouri River Levee Design/Construction

Project Manager: Lee Sommers

Assistant Project Manager: Andy Clements

Current Project Status: On-Going

Project Scope:
   The Missouri River Levee Raise: the requested assistance will provide the federal construction funds to the US Army Corps of Engineers so that together with the local match, which is being provided by the local sponsors, this important project may proceed under a construction listing which will assist with additional funding in the future and allow for construction in the future. Unit R 471-460 is on the right bank of the Missouri River and is 13.8 miles long and averages 14.8 feet high. It protects Elwood and Wathena, Kansas and Rosecrans Memorial Airport and Air National Guard Base for the 139th Airlift Group in Missouri, as well as 10800 acres of farmland. Unit L-455 is located on the left bank of the Missouri River, is 15.6 miles long and averages 13 feet high. The Corps completed the reconnaissance study in May of 1999. In that report, structural measures were determined to be feasible for L-455 and for R 460-471, including raising the existing levees and improvement in seepage control. 

Project Funding:
   AIRPORT Levee District
   Buchanan County 1/4 Cent County Levee Repair Sales Tax
   CIP Sales Tax
   Elwood Gladden R460
   General Fund
   SSJ Levee District L-455
   USACE Kansas City

Project Funding Amount: $8,761,631.35

   FUNDING Federally funded $41,983,000 to complete project Cost share requirement $6.5M required from sponsor by 5/15/2019 CONSTRUCTION UPDATE L-455 Brown’s Branch Gatewell (Contract #2a Substantial Construction Completion anticipated May 2019) Pre-Final Inspection 12/10 10am Demobilization 12/14 L-455 Levee Raise (Contract #2b) Mobilization to occur beginning of 2019 – Schedule TBD when Contractor provides schedule REAL ESTATE- Top Action Items R471-460 Improvements N-36 Borrow area identification Timeline for USACE to perform soil testing Borrow identification – current award projection 31-Nov-2019 S-36 Property acquisition Berms around Herzog Meeting scheduled to discuss berm options with Herzog 6-Nov Herzog was receptive to the proposal and needs time to review Title work and easements for relocated utilities (water, power, gas, telephone, communication, petroleum) Attorney’s Opinion of Compensability required in order for utility relocation to be Land, Easements, Rights-Of-Way, Relocation, and Disposal Areas (LERRD) creditable. Need to confirm what entity will relocate each utility (COE, NFS, or utility co.) Had meeting with utilities on 18-Oct Coordinating with American Water and KCPL COE to contact Sunbelt and Southern Star KS didn’t have record of Gas easement MO doesn’t have tract index – hard to search for encumbrances/easements Sta. 53+37 16” Williams Brother’s Pipeline (now Sunbelt) – Riser to be raised. Need to confirm valve locations Sta. 296+00 16” Water – to be relocated up and over levee Sent to COE for review – easement will need to be executed for proper utility rights Sta. 269+00-279+00 OHP service – COE to confirm impact to power poles to be relocated servicing Dawkins Property Sta. 418+15 8” Gas (Southern Star)– to be relocated up and over levee Sta. 418+64 Comm line – to be relocated up and over levee Property Acquisition Focus will be South acquisition first for that construction contract L-455 Closure Gap (Contract #2c) Relocation Agreement with Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) for closure structure- prepare to begin court mandated acquisition after receipt of engineering comments UNION PACIFIC (UP) laid off up to 700 personnel impacting our plan review. Discuss options on how to proceed regarding Senator Blunt engagement, etc David LaPlante in UP Real Estate recommended that we contact Senator Blunt’s office. Need to define the condemnation defined timeline? Team recommended not to include Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) in Condemnation Received concurrence from BNSF – all comments closed. BNSF provided comments to draft relocation agreement. LERRD Crediting Cash will be required in lieu of LERRD that is not applied for or credited to the project ($4.27M). Current total project cost (TPC) is $70.71M. Total non-federal sponsor (NFS) cash requirement $19.87M ($6.55M remaining) OVERALL DESIGN L-455 Closure Gap (Contract #2c) 95% Design Submittal sent to City and Agency Technical review on 8/16 and to UPRR on 8/20 and is currently on hold due to UPRR layoffs Award anticipated 11/2019 (18 month construction contract) R-471-460 S. Hwy 36 (Contract #3) 100% Design Submittal 12/2018 Award anticipated 5/2019 (24 month construction contract) R-471-460 N. Hwy 36 (Contract #4) 95% Design Submittal 5/2019 Award anticipated 11/2019* (18 month construction contract) LEVEE CERTIFICATION USACE – FEMA Alignment Future meeting to be scheduled between Sponsor/COE/FEMA to verify requirements Levee Certification and St Joe Levee Raise Project COE to provide estimate for cost to provide certification on R471-460  

Last Update: Thursday November 29, 2018