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Mo Theater Updates/Renovations

Project Information

Mo Theater Updates/Renovations

Project Manager: David Simpson

Assistant Project Manager: Alan Dewey

Current Project Status: Construction

Project Scope:
   Projects to be determined from those submitted by the Performing Arts group ( remaining funds excluding savings from the FY12 budgeted amount. The proposed list includes Curtains, Light & Installation, sound system, wheelchair seating, Box office windows and first floor restrooms. 

Project Funding:
   CIP Sales Tax
   Missouri Theater Program Fund (3710)

Project Funding Amount: $1,810,840.00

   Missouri Theater Exterior Renovations: Restoration & Waterproofing Contractors Inc. has been awarded this project and work began on July 5, 2017. The scope of the original work consisted of repointing, stone repair and canopy ceiling repair with alternate bids for tile replacement and accent lights. The contractor began repointing the towers and discovered the towers need more repair work than anticipated due to water damage since the previous façade renovation in 1995. The towers will need to be lowered and reconstructed to assure the repairs made extend well into the future of the structure. A structural engineer made an assessment that the core of the towers had deteriorated to a point that reconstruction was necessary to remedy the problem. Currently more exploratory investigations into the tower structures is planned in the next few weeks to determine the scope of repairs needed to properly restore the towers to their original condition with existing materials removed and replaced after the unseen core is repaired. A change order was approved for additional work that includes construction to provide a “worst case scenario” restoration of the entire south façade. The work will include removing, cataloging, storing, replacing the substrate and tiles after the internal steel is reconditioned or replaced. As this restoration proceeds, the extent of needed repairs may be discovered to be less than the anticipated total rebuild, thus saving the City capital funds. The overall estimate to provide the “worst case scenario” restoration has been divided up amongst the various work items and will allow the actual work to be quantified during the restoration process and allow the City to pay for only the work that is actually required with the anticipation of saving costs. The contractor's scaffolding crew has completed erecting a scaffolding system that will enable access to the entire south façade including fire retardant plastic covering that will allow restoration work to continue during parts of the winter. The structural engineer and architect are working closely with the contractor to identify areas of the building façade that need exploratory investigation through the masonry veneer to the interior support steel. The contractor almost has the top section of the four towers exposed to the steel to allow for inspections. The restoration work is anticipated to be complete in the spring of 2018. The total cost for this change order is a not-to-exceed amount of $532,840.00 and will be funded partially through the unspent balance of the awarded contract of $59,310.00, while the balance of funding is available from unbudgeted Capital Improvement Sales Tax (CIP) funding. Final completion is 65 Working Days from October 24, 2107 

Last Update: Wednesday January 31, 2018