Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Concrete Street Repairs

Project Information

Concrete Street Repairs

Project Manager: Alan Dewey

Assistant Project Manager: Bob Todd

Current Project Status: Construction

Project Scope:
   Concrete Street Repairs named on the CIP List to be determined, by street department in the order of priority. The Proposed list is as follows:36th Street from Frederick to Beck; Beck from Berkshire to Village Dr and Belt to Ashland; 36th from Faraon to Frederick; Faraon from Belt to Riverside; Leonard from 169 to Whitaker; the central business district; Stockyards Expressway from Beaver to Alabama; Hirter Drive; Cook Rd from W Haverill to Belt; Gene Field from Ashland to Belt; Leonard from Frederick to Gene Field; Oakland from Woodbine to Belt; Sherman from Woodbine to Belt; Village from Frederick to Sherman and Frederick from Noyes to 36th street. 

Project Funding:
   CIP Sales Tax
   USE Tax

Project Funding Amount: $2,500,000.00

   Construction started on 6/25 with Edmond Street. Edmond Street was completed on 7/2. The work on Messanie Street started on 7/5 and completed on 7/19. On 7/23, Jules Street between 3rd and 4th started. the intersection on 4th and Jules was part of the replacement. The completion of that intersection and Street was completed on 7/26. As of 7/30, K&M Concrete was working on the intersection of 5th & Jules. We are on track to complete Jules Street.  

Last Update: Tuesday July 31, 2018