Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Taxilane Reconstruction ( barrel hanger, rehab and apron,)

Project Information

Taxilane Reconstruction ( barrel hanger, rehab and apron,)

Project Manager: Roxanne Patton

Assistant Project Manager: Abe Forney

Current Project Status: Construction

Project Scope:
   Taxilane reconstruction (barrel hanger, rhab. and apron) 

Project Funding:
   Airport CIP
   Airport's 2017 Discretionary Funds
   Airport's 2017 non-primary entitlement funds
   CIP Sales Tax

Project Funding Amount: $2,849,999.17

   Apron Reconstruction/Barrel Hangar Apron Rehabilitation: Sawing and sealing of the joints to be completed in February 2018. Barrel hangar paving operations to take place in the Spring 2018. Final walk-through and closeout report for Apron project to be completed Spring 2018. T-Hangar Taxilane Reconstruction: Vertical movement of the concrete near hangar joints has moved back down to flush. Jviation will continue to monitor the concrete joints for movement to determine an action plan. Jviation is working on the final closeout report to be completed by the end of February 2018. 

Last Update: Monday February 12, 2018