Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
CSO Sluice Gate Repairs

Project Information

CSO Sluice Gate Repairs

Project Manager: Lee Sommers

Current Project Status: Bidding and Award

Project Scope:
   SCOPE: Improvements to the existing Blacksnake CSO Outfall include construction of an 22 food wide by 114 foot long as in place concrete. Type 111,, still basin downstream of the existing flap gate. Lining a 30 foot portion of the remaining channel immediately downstream of the stilling basin with riprap, refurbishing the existing gate seal and other work as indicated in the Contract Documents  

Project Funding:
   2015 A IDA Bonds

Project Funding Amount: $2,109,672.00

   Due to the current Missouri River forecast a Notice to Proceed was issued allowing Kissick to start submittals and do exploratory drilling for the dewatering design. Time on the project maybe stopped due to river levels. 

Last Update: Monday July 16, 2018