Capital Project Tracking and Reporting SystemCity of St. Joseph, Missouri
Atchison Street

Project Information

Atchison Street

Project Manager: Alan Dewey

Assistant Project Manager: David Frazier

Current Project Status: Complete

Project Scope:
   This project is from 6th Street to 219 feet past 10th Street. It will be a repair of Sub grade and concrete repair with an asphalt mill and overlay from 6th Street to the railroad tracks. From the railroad tracks to 15 feet east of 10th Street will be complete rebuilding of the street. From 15 feet east of 10th Street for approximately 204 feet will be mill and overlay. There is an alternate for complete rebuild of the street to 219 feet past 10th Street. There will also be curb and sidewalk repair or complete replacement to improve and comply with ADA requirements. 

Project Funding:
   CIP Sales Tax

Project Funding Amount: $941,301.00

   Work completed. Final payment processed. 

Last Update: Friday February 15, 2019